When is the time to start planning for Christmas? Now!

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It’s that time of year when the kids are back at school, the summer holidays are already starting to become a distant memory and Christmas is starting to blur into Christmases of years gone by. In theory at least, life is getting back to normal. If, though, your Christmas was paid for on plastic, there’s probably nothing normal about the credit card bill or bills you are receiving about now. They can make for a stressful start to the year and have you wondering whether you will ever manage to break out of a relentless cycle of high-interest debt. By taking […]


Five quick tips to save on your weekly shop | Family Budgeting

Family Budgeting

PLAN YOUR MEALS (OBVIOUSLY!) It’s the most obvious tip around. But planning your meals is imperative when you’re wanting to stick to a budget. Don’t be wasteful, elements of certain meals can be transferred to others. If you’ve planned a meal that only uses half a tub of cream, make another meal with similar ingredients in the days after, so there’s no waste. GET CHOPPING! As soon as you get back from your regular shop, wash, chop & store your fresh fruit and vegetables! Instead of buying pre-cut (and wasting your money!) chop and divide your fresh fruits and vegetables into […]


Personal Budgeting is Not About Scarcity

personal budgeting

Many people associate a budget with scarcity, and that’s where they come unstuck. Once you understand that personal budgeting is all about abundance – and having an allowance for everything – that’s when it becomes fun. And, when it becomes fun, it becomes sustainable! An effective budget includes financial goals and aligns spending to those goals. For most individuals, general living expenses are the largest part of their budget and smaller amounts are set aside for long-term goals such as buying a home, starting a family, travelling or starting a business. Without a budget, it can be difficult to save […]


Renovating and Budgets | Personal Budgeting

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Your reno wish list might be limitless, but remember that your bank account isn’t!   Home renovations can soak up your spare cash like nothing else, therefore renovation budgets are imperative if you want to avoid unnecessary costs. Treat renos like a project. It’s up to you to ensure they come in on budget – because not doing so can be quite a costly lesson. You want your home to look fantastic and be practical for the whole family. But remember you should also consider which renovations will increase your property’s value. Renovation budgets assist people in deciding where best […]


Plan your meals effectively | Budgeting Tip

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Another budgeting tip from Sort My Money Proper planning saves dollars! The best budgeting tip anyone can give you is to Plan, Plan, Plan. Many households find that grocery shopping can become quite a costly affair, particularly when adding in unnecessary items like junk foods or purchasing items that ultimately go to waste. Meal planning not only saves you money, but it also saves you making multiple grocery shops per week (and this is often where more unnecessary items make their way into the basket!) Plan your meals ahead & take advantage of weekly specials or discounts when preparing your […]


Sort My Money Founder David Rankin features across national newspapers. | Personal Budgeting

Budget Tips from Sort My Money founder David Rankin We are delighted with the prominent media attention which Sort My Money’s award-winning personal and business budgeting services have attracted throughout Australia in today’s (Monday November 14th) Herald Sun, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, Advertiser, Mercury, Cairns Post and Townsville Bulletin. A positive message about how successful budgeting is really all about abundance through gaining financial control, peace of mind and empowerment… relevant to both income earners and business owners alike. MORE DOUGH: David Rankin is a budgeting adviser who suggests baking your own bread and brewing your own coffee are novel and […]