Healthy Budgeting Habits

Healthy Budgeting Habits – Sort My Money Personal Finance Planning

  • IF YOU have no time to organise your finances, it’s like not having time to eat properly – you end up in a ‘fast-food’ way of life that can only lead to problems down the track.
  • Sort My Money gives healthy choices to busy people. We offer as much help as your lifestyle requires for you to get on top of your finances and achieve harmony in this key area of your existence.
  • Our cash flow system helps you sustainably increase your living standard without increasing your earnings or debts. Together, we take the stress out of today and put the fun back into tomorrow – by paying off debt, cutting out waste and starting to save.
  • Australia has the highest level of personal indebtedness in the world. Over half of all Australian households don’t have any spare cash at the end of each month. And one in eight Australians lives below the poverty line – a figure that is on the increase.
  • Sort My Money gets Australians into healthy financial habits for life. The first step on this journey is to contact us today for a consultation.
  • We draw up, implement and manage your optimised personal budget for you on a daily basis. Sort My Money’s pricing structure – based on the lowest weekly fee of any personal-budgeting company in Australia and no hidden establishment fee – makes its services both affordable and effective.
  • The Sort My Money representative who puts together and implements your personalised budget for you will be a qualified Financial Services Professional. This service is backed up by a state-of-the-art, professionally managed IT infrastructure that gives you security, peace of mind and – most importantly – results.
  • And when you decide you no longer need Sort My Money to manage your budget for you, you’ll be given a personalised budget for the next 12 months to ensure the healthy habits you have got into continue for life.
  • By taking the financial burden off your shoulders and putting in the hard yards on your behalf, Sort My Money will accompany you on your journey to financial fitness, on which you’ll experience the excitement of watching your savings grow and the freedom of having options – whether to spend your savings on a holiday, a new car, or some altogether bigger dream.
  • All thanks to the healthy choices you start to make . . . right here and now.