Expecting some extra cash? Don’t let it go to waste! | Budgeting Advice

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One big mistake people often make when budgeting for their personal expenses is spending up big when a increase in payment comes along. Expecting a pay rise? Perhaps you have a bonus coming up, a large tax return on the horizon or you’re about to increase your income with a second job… A valuable piece of budgeting advice that everyone (no matter their income) should consider, is when you’re expecting extra income, not to spend it before it arrives – instead, consider putting some away. It sounds obvious. But it’s a trap that often sees people spend money before they […]


Sort My Money founder David Rankin chats with Channel Nine’s Today Extra

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Sonia and David from Channel Nine’s Today Extra caught up with Sort My Money founder, David Rankin, to ask him for personal budgeting tips that stick. David and his team are assisting everyday Australian’s in achieving financial stability, working towards their financial goals and changing their money habits. Sort My Money charges the lowest fees – including no establishment fee or lock-in period – of any personal budgeting company in Australia. View the video below. Interview Transcript: DAVID (PRESENTER): We’re going to uncover the easy habits that you can put into action right now, today, to make your life better […]


Don’t discount the discount stores! | Budgeting Tip

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Another budgeting tip from Sort My Money Do you take advantage of discount stores, markets and cut-price supermarkets? One great budgeting tip we swear by is shopping at discount stores! If there’s one near you, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can save! Take advantage of the savings at your local ALDI, NQR or Discount Grocery Outlet. These stores can often save you large amounts of money and quite regularly have generic products at a significantly discounted pric e that easily match their brand name equivalent. But be sure not to merely buy items just because they’re on sale… Ensure they’re […]


End of an Era

Today, thousands of families around Australia are receiving their very last instalment of the Schoolkids’ Bonus. These twice-yearly payments of $215 for each child in primary school and $428 for each child in secondary school are being phased out as a result of a pre-election decision by both sides of politics. It can be hard for families to adjust when payments cease. As when fortnightly Parenting Payments come to an end with the youngest child in the family turning six. Or when a child becomes too old for you to receive Family Tax Benefit. It’s easy to become so dependent […]


A Solution to your Resolution

It’s that time of year. You made your new year’s resolutions a matter of weeks ago, and now you’ve reached that make-or-break stage. Have they passed their expiry date, or are they still fresh? If the latter, you’re in with a chance. If they’ve gone stale on you, this might be the point at which you part company with them, for another year at least. Unless, of course, you’re prepared to look at – and address – the reasons why your resolutions have faded so quickly. In my experience, when it comes to setting a budget for the new year, the […]


It’s All In The Timing

Christmas and New Year is a period of relaxation and reflection for many people. Time away from work is a chance to take stock of the journey thus far and to take control of the road ahead. This sometimes involves making the decision to go it alone by starting a business in the coming year. As a Small Business Specialist and Bank Manager, I saw many businesses come and stay, and others come and go. There are a number of ingredients that go into a making a winning new business but, in my experience, the most important of these is […]