Winter Bills – Best Practices to stay in the black during the chilly season.

We all want to stay warm through the winter months and we want to do our best practices, but when the bills come in, and we see how much is being spent, it can make your blood run cold.

Winter is a tricky time for budgeting; there is no use freezing yourself to save on the energy bills, anything you save there you may end up paying back in sick leave. It’s all about balancing your usage intelligently.

Here are a few areas to look at to keep you warm and in the black this winter.

Utility Bills

If the clothes dryer is part of the soundtrack of winter in your house, invest $30 to purchase a clothes hanging frame on wheels from Kmart and a set of clothes hangers.

Instead of depositing the washing into the dryer, put it on clothes hangers on the frame.

You’ll drastically reduce your power costs, reduce time spent at the ironing board and be kinder to the environment all at the same time.

Household Tips and Tricks

If you’re struggling with the cold this winter don’t freeze yourself to save money. There is a lot that can be done to keep the household warm during the day without having to spend a cent.

First of all make sure that all of your windows are covered and to keep the curtains closed when the sun isn’t shining. When the sun is shining open the curtains up to let in that natural light and heat.

It can be tempting to blast the heat when it gets colder, but try to keep the thermostat in the house to around 18 to 20 degrees celsius. If you’re still a bit chilly, grab a warm blanket and a hot water bottle, they’re lifesavers during the winter months.

Energy Audit

One of the best ways to address your spending this winter is to take a good look at your energy bills. Where are you spending the most money and what can you do to cut back on?

For example, if the hot water bill is through the roof, consider purchasing a shower timer (for less than $10 online) and setting it to four minutes per shower.

If the heating is an issue then think about how you’re spreading the heat around the house. Are doors being left open to rooms which nobody is using? If so, it’s as easy as shutting those doors to ensure the heat stays where you are.

As ever, staying on top of your bills is the secret to staying on top of your spending.