Traffic Fines

  • Speed CameraTraffic-related fines are big business for the issuing authorities, but a potential cash-flow catastrophe for those that have to pay.
  • Unpaid tolls, such as CityLink eTags, parking tickets, speeding fines and red-light infringements all end up, sooner or later, being enforced by Civic Compliance.
  • And when the recipient of an unwelcome penalty ignores the initial letters in the mail, the danger is that the original problem snowballs out of control – amounting to thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.
  • If it is of any comfort, you are not alone! Large numbers of people currently owe large amounts of money in unpaid traffic fines.
  • Put simply, the worst thing you can do is nothing, as the problem will get worse. And the best thing you can do is something.
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