Self Employed?

  • Self EmployedAt Sort My Money, as well as helping PAYG earners, we can also help you with your personal finances if you are self-employed or a subcontractor.
  • If you run your own business, managing your personal finances often plays second fiddle to your business’s needs.
  • We can draw up, implement and manage (on a day-to-day basis) a fine-tuned personal budget for you – which has three main advantages.
  • Firstly, you know that your optimised personal finances are operating at maximum efficiency, as part of which we work out – ahead of time – the level of ongoing drawings from your business that accurately reflects your personal needs.
  • Secondly, no matter how busy you are working on your business, you can rest assured that your personal bills are being paid on time, every time.
  • Thirdly, this – in turn – ensures the protection of your personal credit rating.
  • Call Sort My Money today and find out how you can have your personal and business finances working in complete harmony.