Household Budget

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Why budgeting goals are important for your household budget

Budgeting goals for your household budget are the best way to ensure that you are ‘walking your financial dog’, rather than it walking you. Every dog lover knows that a pooch which is trained, disciplined and knows what is expected of it makes for both a happy pet and a happy owner.

Your relationship with money is no different. Pay no attention to it and, as you might already have found, it quickly does its own thing.

According to a recent survey, only one in five Australians said they had full control of their finances.

Set clear goals and expectations, however – in the form of a household budget – and your money will do your bidding, time and time again, and you will experience control, harmoney and peace of mind.

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How a personal financial consultant can help you

Budgeting is one of those things which most people think they can do on their own, but their lack of success usually tells a different story. It’s a bit like saying that, in order to cut your own hair, all you need is a pair of scissors and a mirror. Again, the outcome would speak for itself. In fact, it is very difficult to bring about a sustained financial transformation on your own, which is why we have developed a structured program that makes your money makeover a reality.

As part of this program, we assign a personal financial consultant to assist you, day in and day out. Our unique financial concierge service is not only convenient, it is effective, as it ensures that you stick to the program and start to experience reduced debts and increasing savings for yourself.

You no longer need to see your financial challenges as an uphill struggle. You no longer need feel that you are alone. We are here to help, and once you have experienced our tried-and-tested system and unrivalled personalised service, you will feel the power of your very own financial team, whose sole purpose is to make you better off.

We can help make your money work for you.

Sort My Money’s service puts you in control of your finances by getting you to make sound financial decisions based on solid information (currently, you – like many other people – probably have very little information on which to make these decisions), takes the stress out of your day-to-day finances and improves your financial future.

We do this by looking at your income, outgoings and aspirations (family, property, business, travel – or all of these) and tailoring a plan for you to achieve them. We show you, on the basis of this plan, your account balance every day for the next five years – it’s like a flight simulator of the next five years of your financial life. So, rather than leaving everything to chance – with the likelihood of achieving your goals being correspondingly low – we systemise your finances to put you on a path to a new financial destination.

To bring this about, we work with you – day in and day out – to make your financial forecast into reality. In the process, we get you into new habits to make this system sustainable – just like a successful program to lose weight or quit smoking.