Home Ownership


  • Do you feel locked out of the first home owner property market because of sharply increasing house prices? If so, Sort My Money can help.
  • And if you’re already a home owner experiencing mortgage repayment difficulties, we can help alleviate the pressure you are under.
  • House-price increases averaging 6.7% a year over the past decade are making it difficult for Australians to get into property – in spite of (or maybe even because of) record low interest rates.
  • 10 years ago, the average home was four times the average income. This has now increased to seven times the average income. That’s why less than 50% of 30 year olds are now home owners – a figure that was over 60% a generation ago.
  • If you’re saving for property, the chances are that you’ve also had the challenge of rising rents to deal with – a double whammy for prospective first home buyers.
  • And whilst, on paper at least, existing home owners are wealthier thanks to rising prices, the ever-increasing proportion income that goes into home loan repayments is causing mortgage stress and home loan defaults.
  • In this day and age, whether you are an aspiring or an established home owner, one rule applies, and that’s the need to manage your money effectively, in order to be able to rise to the many challenges of our modern economy.
  • Getting into the property market and ensuring affordable mortgage repayments can all be achieved by making sure that your personal budget is fine tuned to your goals.
  • Contact Sort My Money today for a free consultation. The optimised personal budget that we can draw up and manage for you helps you, firstly, to become a home owner quicker and, secondly, to avoid any repayment difficulties once you have achieved your dream.