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Financial Coaching

You’d hire a personal trainer if you wanted to lose weight…

You’d hire a cleaner if you wanted someone professional to have your house sparkly-clean (or simply, because you didn’t have the time to do so yourself!)

If you wanted your teeth cleaned, you’d go to a dental hygienist..

If you were struggling with your furry friend’s bad behaviour, you’d find a dog trainer…

And if your backyard needed a face lift, you’d get a landscaper in sort it out.

Why? Because these people are professionals in their field. Hopefully, (if you picked the right one!) accredited by the governing institution within their industry, or supported by education. But ultimately, people hire these professionals because they get better results from doing so. If you’re not successfully doing something yourself, or, you don’t have the time to dedicate the hours to do so, you hire help.

So then, why wouldn’t you hire a financial coach to assist you in getting your finances sorted?

Well, there’s quite a few reasons people hire Sort My Money to take care of their finances, here’s a few…

People invest in Sort My Money’s financial coaching because…

1. Financial coaching services provide peace of mind.

Say goodbye to worrying about due dates and making repayments. If you hire a personal budgeting service to take care of your finances, they ensure you have money set aside for every expense. One reason so many of our clients enjoy Sort My Money’s services, is that they enjoy not having to worry about their money. They know their bills are paid on time, every time. And they know their budget is optimised, so that they are working towards their financial goals.

2. Clients don’t lose control of their finances, they gain them!

People often believe hiring financial coaches means losing control of what goes on with their finances. But that couldn’t be further from the truth! A personal budgeting service manages your budget for you on a daily basis, and uses its financial expertise to get your finances on track, but they don’t take over, they help.

The financial coaches at Sort My Money give clients regular updates on their progress, as well as giving them tips to further optimise their finances. At any point, clients can make changes, notify their coach of unexpected expenses, or ask for assistance on a matter. Plus, Sort My Money’s clients have a bank account opened for them which allows them 24/7 internet-banking viewing access, so they know what’s going on at all times.

3. Clients stop living week-to-week and start living their dreams.

When people decide to hire a financial coach, they stop focusing on bills and expenses and start looking towards the bigger picture. When clients start using Sort My Money’s financial coaching expertise, they are asked a range of questions about their finances. One of the most important? Their financial goals.

Wanting to buy a house? Start a family? Travel? Build a business? Invest? Because Financial Coaches are qualified and experienced in their field, they know the best way to optimise your budget, by paying down debts in order of priority and building up a healthy level of savings. Our cash flow system helps you sustainably increase your standard of living without increasing your earnings or debts. So with a financial coach, you stop counting your pennies and start focusing on your financial goals.

4. Financial coaches teach you healthy habits.

If you don’t have the time to organise your finances, it’s like not having time to eat properly… You end up in a ‘fast-food’ way of life, which is unhealthy and detrimental to your finances. You may not even realise you have some unhealthy financial habits, but a financial coach puts your on the right track and helps to keep you accountable.

5. It really saves people time, and money.

When employing financial coaching services, it’s obvious that people save time. What people generally don’t realise however, is that employing Sort My Money’s personal budgeting services also saves them money, rather than costing them money. Most importantly, at initial consultation, Sort My Money discusses income and outgoings with potential clients before starting a relationship, to establish whether they can, in fact, successfully assist them. An optimised budget shows clients how to improve their cash flow, reduce expenses and ultimately, save money. Sort My Money charges the lowest fees of any personal budgeting company in Australia, so it’s not an exorbitant cost to get your finances on track.


Want to know more about Sort My Money’s personal budgeting service? Sort My Money charge the lowest fees of any personal budgeting company in Australia, have no lock in contracts and provide an award-winning service that helps clients achieve their financial goals. Take the hassle out of personal budgeting by letting the experts do it for you. With valuable budgeting advice and money-saving tips, the team at Sort My Money are with you every step of the way. Contact us to inquire about a consultation.