4 handy tips for a family holiday on a budget | Plan and save for your next getaway!

family holiday on a budget

There’s nothing quite like packing your bags and preparing for a fun getaway! But if you’ve got young children, you’ll know that it can be quite a task juggling all the necessary task to get on the road. The last worry you need is meeting your financial requirements, so plan ahead with your family holiday budget… We have come up with four tips which we think will help get you started!

1. Bag a bargain flight.
One major way to save money when planning a family holiday is by shopping around for flights. Most obviously, travelling during an off peak period is wise as it can save big dollars. The cost of flights vary considerably dependant on the month, day and even time you’re flying. (Sure, a red-eye isn’t the most desirable flight to be on… But hey, if it means the young ones will soon doze off and you save some extra cash, surely it’s worth it!)

2. Plan your meals.
Set a budget and stick to it. Start by allocating a certain amount of money for meals and snacks and go from there. If you’re on a tight budget, cooking whilst you’re on holiday can significantly reduce the amount of cash you spend. Plan some fun, different meals that are within your budget (and if you have some leftover cash – you can always consider eating out!)

If you aren’t wanting to cook (or don’t have the facilities to do so) then budget you meals through research! Google the restaurants and eateries around when you’re staying (or check out their social media profiles) to scout where you can find an affordable, tasty meal for the whole family. Great for your taste buds and your wallet! Better yet, shop around for pubs or bistros that offer certain deals such as “kids eat free” on allocated nights or half price offers which will save you money.

3. Account for activities
You’re on holiday. It’s time to relax and have some fun… So make the most out of this family time by doing your research prior to your holiday. What activities does the destination provide? What can you do for fun in surrounding areas? Search the internet for family deals or discount coupons so you can enjoy a day out, without breaking the bank.

Again, when you’re out and about for a day of festivities – plan your meals! Go to the local supermarket and grab snacks and drinks to avoid paying large amounts for food at theme parks, museums or other tourist destinations.

4. Live like a local
One way to save money AND figure out the “go-to” places at your holiday destination, is to sign up to deal sites such as Groupon, Catch of the Day or Living Social and register your interest in your holiday destination so you can see current deals. If you know where you’re travelling in advance, keep an eye on these sites for deals that you can use once you visit.

Extra things we never think of at the right time…
Travelling with the little ones? Thinking of bringing your car seats? Compare the price of bringing the car seat on your holiday (ie. luggage costs) with the price of hiring a car seat from a rental company.

Eating a sizeable lunch costs less than a large dinner. Many restaurants and cafes offer great lunch deals, so fill up during the day so you can have a lighter evening meal (plus, it’s more healthy for you!)

If you’re travelling with older children, give them a daily “budget” that they can either spend, or wait and accumulate with the next day’s pocket money (eg. $3 per day, over 5 days). This not only teaches children the value of money, but it also gives them the opportunity to make choices and grab a holiday souvenir.

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