Five quick tips to save on your weekly shop | Family Budgeting

Family Budgeting


It’s the most obvious tip around. But planning your meals is imperative when you’re wanting to stick to a budget. Don’t be wasteful, elements of certain meals can be transferred to others. If you’ve planned a meal that only uses half a tub of cream, make another meal with similar ingredients in the days after, so there’s no waste.


As soon as you get back from your regular shop, wash, chop & store your fresh fruit and vegetables! Instead of buying pre-cut (and wasting your money!) chop and divide your fresh fruits and vegetables into bags or containers so they can be used for various meals. This way, instead of wasting away in the crisper, you know what’s available for each meal on your planner, and, it’s conveniently divided and ready to go!


Compare each brand’s price per 100g, 100ml or kg. You’d be surprised that often, items “on sale” end up being a lot more expensive than another brand or size.


If there’s a certain kind of meat on sale that generally doesn’t make it into your weekly dinner plan, save money by trying something new. (You never know, you might LOVE it!) Not only will you widen the variety of dinners that the family gets to eat, but you’ll save money by ‘lashing out’ and trying something different.


This one is important, ONLY if you don’t need to shop. Although you should plan your meals weekly, you really only need to shop when the fridge is becoming empty! Don’t shop on a set day just because it’s the way you do things. If it means you’re going to double up on unnecessarily on items, wait a few more days and stretch what you’ve got in the pantry. Plan out your weekly meals and buy only what you need, but if it stretches out a little longer than expected – take it as a bonus! (And, use it as an excuse to empty the freezer.)



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