Cleaning Up Your Finances

Cleaning Up Your Finances

Is your financial house in order? Here are ways you can start fixing your finances, following the advice of David Rankin.

Assess Your Current Spending

Take a close look at your current spending habits. Understanding where your money is going is the first step towards effective financial management.

Streamline Direct Debits

Simplify your financial life by consolidating direct debits into one account. This makes it easier to track and manage your recurring expenses.

Minimise Unused Vehicle Costs

Evaluate your vehicle-related expenses. If you have unused vehicles, consider selling or downsising to reduce costs associated with insurance, maintenance, and depreciation.

Cut Down Unnecessary Appointments

Identify and cut down on unnecessary and costly appointments. This could include subscriptions, memberships, or services that you no longer need or can find more cost-effective alternatives for.

If you still encounter financial challenges despite these steps, look for budget leaks such as unaccounted small purchases, impulse buys, or wasteful grocery shopping.

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