Plan your meals effectively | Budgeting Tip

Another budgeting tip from Sort My Money

Proper planning saves dollars! The best budgeting tip anyone can give you is to Plan, Plan, Plan.

Many households find that grocery shopping can become quite a costly affair, particularly when adding in unnecessary items like junk foods or purchasing items that ultimately go to waste. Meal planning not only saves you money, but it also saves you making multiple grocery shops per week (and this is often where more unnecessary items make their way into the basket!)

Plan your meals ahead & take advantage of weekly specials or discounts when preparing your meal plan to save extra dollars. It’s important to look for inexpensive ingredients that still have some nutritionalbudgeting tipl value, but certainly plan meals based on the items that your supermarket or grocer has on sale for the week.

Also, trying using ingredients you already have in the house. This is a great way to save money as you’re making the most of what you have whilst only buying necessary items, a site such as Supercook assists you in doing this – just enter the ingredients you have and it’ll generate recipes based on what you have (or plan to buy).

When planning meals, you want to make the most out of your spending, so efficiency is key – you don’t want to waste the leftovers! So attempt to use ingredients for more than one meal if you think it’ll go to waste. For example: If you have left over mince from the Spaghetti sauce, use it to make hamburgers another night, or freeze it! Don’t buy a whole punnet of mushrooms for a recipe that requires two – use the rest in another dish and make the most of your dollars!

As they say “failure to plan, is planning to fail”

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