Don’t discount the discount stores! | Budgeting Tip

Another budgeting tip from Sort My Money

Do you take advantage of discount stores, markets and cut-price supermarkets? One great budgeting tip we swear by is shopping at discount stores! If there’s one near you, you’ll be amazed at just how much you can save! Take advantage of the savings at your local ALDI, NQR or Discount Grocery Outlet.budgeting tip

These stores can often save you large amounts of money and quite regularly have generic products at a significantly discounted pric
e that easily match their brand name equivalent. But be sure not to merely buy items just because they’re on sale… Ensure they’re part of your weekly meal plan or something you know you’re going to use.

Discount stores will thoroughly assist you in making the most of your meal planning & you might even find different products that you’ll love that aren’t sold at your usual supermarkets!

budgeting tipIf you’re not completely convinced about straying from your much loved brands, consider going to a budget store to purchase more basic items first, such as tissues, aluminium foil, flour, canned goods, toilet paper, cleaning products, kids lunch boxes and paper bags.  All of these things are substantially discounted in discount stores and really do save you money from the very first shop.

Consider trying to slowly swap to other items and save money by not purchasing name brands… You can always continue to purchase “luxuries” that you’re used to, but you’ll be amazed how much you save by cutting down purchases of brand name items.

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