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How To Set Up A Budget Planner That Works For You

The key to setting up a budget planner is to start where you are at right now. That means documenting what you spend on various things, beginning with day-to-day items, such as all food, drink and petrol. It’s only when you know your current finances that you can start to change them.

Next, pour yourself a beer and spend the evening going through your direct debits to see exactly what you are paying for. No need to make any changes at first as this fact-find, in itself, is what’s important.

Because information is power, getting this knowledge about your own spending is empowering. A recent study found that nearly nine out of ten Australians don’t know how much they are spending every month. This very act of looking at your own spending patterns, therefore, means you are promoting yourself into the top ten per cent of money-savvy Australians. If that’s not an incentive to act, what is?

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We can help make your money work for you.

Sort My Money’s service puts you in control of your finances by getting you to make sound financial decisions based on solid information (currently, you – like many other people – probably have very little information on which to make these decisions), takes the stress out of your day-to-day finances and improves your financial future.

We do this by looking at your income, outgoings and aspirations (family, property, business, travel – or all of these) and tailoring a plan for you to achieve them. We show you, on the basis of this plan, your account balance every day for the next five years – it’s like a flight simulator of the next five years of your financial life. So, rather than leaving everything to chance – with the likelihood of achieving your goals being correspondingly low – we systemise your finances to put you on a path to a new financial destination.

To bring this about, we work with you – day in and day out – to make your financial forecast into reality. In the process, we get you into new habits to make this system sustainable – just like a successful program to lose weight or quit smoking.