“I don’t earn enough to afford personal budgeting” | Seeking budget help

budget helpAs experts in both personal and business budgeting, we understand that’s it’s easy to establish and maintain some negative beliefs regarding money. One of the most common concepts we hear is, “I don’t have enough money to be able to save”, “I don’t earn enough to seek budgeting help” or “I don’t make enough money to be able to save any” – we hear these comments all too often from potential clients.

When you’re not earning a large amount of money, or you have a lot of outgoings and expenses, it’s easy to feel like you’ll never save or reach your financial goals. It’s easy to panic. To put it in the “too hard” basket. And it’s not only easy, but quite common, to hold the belief that seeking help requires money, and therefore will drag your residual income down further (if there is any!). “It’s just another expense I can’t afford!”

Your hire a web designer to create a website because they know what they’re doing – they know the tricks and tips and have the technical skills to have your site looking and functioning great. You hire a gardener because they are knowledgeable in their area, they know the right weed’n’feed to use, how much to water & just how much to prune back those roses. You hire experts to give expert advice and carry out specialised services. So, it’s exactly the same when it comes to employing someone to handle your finances.

A budget optimised by a professional, shows you how to improve your cash flow, reduce outgoings and start saving. You don’t hire a personal budgeting service to merely pay your bills each time they come in, you hire them to optimise your outgoings, regulate your cash flow, to show you how to get “on track” and importantly, to keep you there.

So a personal budgeting service, in fact, saves you money – regardless of your level of income – because your budget is broken down and debts are managed more efficiently. Effective personal budgeting services assists you in sustainably increasing your living standard, without increasing your earnings or debts by paying off debt, cutting out waste and starting to save.

A big part of Sort My Money’s budgeting service, in particular, is changing the “money mindset” of people that seek assistance. Generally, people struggling to stick to a budget have unhealthy money habits which stem from a negative money mindset. Sort My Money not only optimises a budget for you, but we also give you tips and tricks that assist you in sticking to the budget.

It’s important to note that, even with little income, there are ways to assist you in reducing debt and expenses (even when you think you’re already living frugally!). The budget help we offer clients starts with a consultation, we then let you know what’s possible and plan to get you there. This is based on your financial aspirations. Where do you want to be? Sort My Money give you a plan and show you how long it will take to get there. After that, it’s just a matter of sticking to the budget, watching your money grow and looking forward to a new financial future.

Note: What’s often most intimidating for people, particularly when they’re looking to pay someone to get financial help, is being locked into a contract. Unlike our competitors, we do not lock you into an agreement, so when you decide you no longer need us to manage your budget for you, you’ll be given a personalised budget for the next 12 months to ensure the healthy habits you have got into continue for life.



Want to know more about Sort My Money’s personal budgeting service? Sort My Money charge the lowest fees of any personal budgeting company in Australia, have no lock in contracts and provide an award-winning service that helps clients achieve their financial goals. Take the hassle out of personal budgeting by letting the experts do it for you. With valuable budgeting advice and money-saving tips, the team at Sort My Money are with you every step of the way. Contact us to inquire about a consultation.